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How eBook Library Lending works with e-Readers

ebook library lending

Libraries have been around for as long as we have had written language. Throughout history they have aided mankind in record keeping, theology and literary works. As society evolved so did these houses of books in order to accommodate our growing needs. The latest leap in technology for libraries has been ebooks and the e-readers on which they are often displayed from.

Libraries are making it easier and easier to get a hold of their vast collections for you to enjoy on your e-reader.  Today we will be going over the steps needed to get you reading ebooks from your library of choice.

Using Overdrive

One of the first things you may want to do is to become familiar with Overdrive. This is the global distributor of ebooks and audiobooks to libraries that support their system. You can check the Overdrive database to see which books are available in your region for you to check out. Overdrive offers a wide selection of ebooks for different states and countries. With Overdrive Search you can locate the nearest libraries and view what they have to offer.

Gaining Access

Next you want to make sure that you have a library card. If you had a library card prior to this you can check to see if your library is listed and what they have to offer. If not then getting a library card number is as easy as filling out the application form for one at their website. Not all libraries offer these services so be sure to see what all is available to you in your area.

Depending on your location there may be a limited number of supported libraries present or maybe none at all. However this is no reason to fret. There are out of state libraries that will gladly assist you. These places normally require a small fee to operate. This type of membership will need to be paid on a yearly basis.

Viewing your Ebook

If you plan on reading your borrowed ebooks on an e-reader you can skip this step. For those of you that wish to read on your desktop computer or laptop you will need Adobe Digital Editions in order to view the DRM material of choice. This software is available on PC and MAC. You will also have the option of getting ebooks in ePUB or PDF format.

Once you install Adobe Digital Editions you will need to authorize your computer through the software. This can be done from the main menu.

If you plan on getting Mobipocket ebooks which use the PRC file format you will need to install the Mobipocket Reader application.

You are now all set to start enjoying what your local library has to offer. Once you download an ebook you can transfer it your e-reader in the appropriate folder or to an easily accessible location on your local computer to be viewed using your e-reader application.

You can also check your local library’s website for more information on their policies and procedures in regards to ebooks and any other assistance they may provide. Some libraries also have in-house workshops where they give free instruction on the process of signing up and downloading ebooks.

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