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Brazil gets an iPad newspaper

Logo brasil jornal 247

According to Into Mobile, Brasil247 is available as a free download for the iPad.  The site says:

To start things up, Brazil247 secured an investment of more than million in one year, which seems a lot considering there are only 200,000 iPad users in the country. To be fair that number will most likely surpass a million this year and I assume the idea here is to position the digital publication as the tablet magazine for the times to come.

In addition to the traditional sections, Brasil247 has editorials in Personal Finances, Agribusiness, Media & Technology, Games & Applications, Ecology and Photography. On weekends, readers will get the Oasis magazine, focused on quality of life, style and traveling.

Finally in case you wonder, Brasil247 is a project from Editora247, led by local journalists and directed by Leonardo Attuch and Joaquim Castanheira.

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