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Apple giving refunds for iPad 1 purchases

ipad 2

In an effort to attract new buyer’s for there new release product’s, Apple is offering a partial refund to the consumer’s who purchased an iPad up to two week’s before the iPad2′s March 2 debut. In simple term’s, if you purchased an iPad after February 16th, you are eligible to receive the refund. The refund itself, takes the form of money being credited back onto the purchaser’s credit card. A far more useful incentive then limiting it to a 0 giftcard so the Apple loving consumer’s can spend that money on Apple product’s again!

To get your rebate you will have to proceed to your nearest physical Apple location to get the refund processed. If you ordered online, you will have to phone Apples customer service representatives via there 1-800 number. These refund’s are not automatically processed, and it is up to you to contact Apple for it. So put this article to the side for a moment and pick up a phone, or drive in.

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