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Technological changes may lead to ‘reading divide’|Lastest Kindle News]

Technological changes may lead to 'reading divide'
TOKYO - The rapid rise of e-books could lead to a "reading divide" as those unable to afford the new technology are left behind, even as US reading and writing skills decline still further.
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Research and Markets: What General Counsel Need to Know About Updating FCPA Clauses in Contracts for 2011|Lastest Kindle News]

Research and Markets: What General Counsel Need to Know About Updating FCPA Clauses in Contracts for 2011
DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/16ca1f/what_general_couns) has announced the addition of the "What General Counsel Need to Know About Updating FCPA Clauses in Contracts for 2011" audioconference to their offering. In Updating FCPA Clauses in Contracts for 2011, ExecSense examines the most effective strategies ...
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New Kindle app: Notepad for Kindle – finally! UPDATE2


This is the type of Kindle app I've been waiting for, a Kindle tool rather than yet another game (even if I enjoy some of those).

  Kindle apps are probably still not available outside of the U.S., but I've seen several articles that indicate the Android AppStore will likely be available before the end of March and maybe Amazon will extend availability of apps soon after, then.  We can hope.

Product Description
The 7 Dragons group created the Notepad for Kindle.
  With Notepad, you can write and edit text notes on the Kindle-3, Kindle-2, and Kindle DX models.  (The Kindle-1 model doesn't have direct user-access to the screen content.)

  They mention that you can write meeting notes, grocery reminders, jot down quick ideas, phone numbers and addresses, etc.  The sample screen images above give you an idea of what you can do.  The Search function should definitely be very useful.

When creating or viewing a note, you can chose between two font types and six font sizes.
  "Your notes can be sorted by date or alphabetically by title.
   Notepad also allows you to search for text in real-time within the body and title of your notes.   Simply start typing in the word you are looking for, and Notepad instantly displays the notes that contain that word.  This allows you to find anything you may have previously written, without having to browse through notes individually."

The app was released yesterday and already has a review involving an Amazon Verified Purchase (not always the case, since some get review copies).  It's by Jose M Salas and is definitely helpful (to the extent I just bought the app), so I'll insert a copy here while bolding the item headings to make it easier to read in an already wordy blog article.

' Amazing! Fast,Simple and Easy to Use, March 17, 2011

I have been looking for a few ways to get my notes into the Kindle - since I have had it for about 8 months now - and this "meets" the needs that I had.

o Quick - it must be quick
-- Did I mention that it has to be "Quick"? -- and this is the fastest I've seen on the Kindle - I have about 500MB free (yup - I like books,magazines, etc.) and my kindle is sluggish - but this app works really fast.
-- Disclaimer - I've only put in about 50 notes (so far)
o Easy to use - this is SUPER easy
-- All the key mappings you need are displayed in an intuitive manner - Alt+X (Save and Exit - I really like this)
o Copy Notes to my PC and Vise Versa
-- The video shows that this can be done - I've yet to try it - but it's a simple copy / paste operation
o Font Sizes:
-- I am a fan of small fonts and this allows me to use small fonts - to be able to add more notes
o Search by Note Title
-- This works as advertised - quickly locate notes by title
o Search Notes by Body keyword
-- Again, works as advertised - quickly and painlessly
o Saves work in progress (for the "all thumbs folks" (like me)
-- I have a tendency to hit the home button - and this saves my "unsaved" note - so I can go back to it - sweeeeet!
o Simple, Clean UI: [User Interface]
-- This UI reminds me of the Old Palm Days (think Palm Notepad) - but on steroids - so nice to KISS

In a nutshell, this is worth .99 many times over,.... BUT only if you are looking for a Quick, Easy and Intuitive UI that allows you to enter notes on your Kindle. '

UPDATE - I contacted Abhi of 7 Drags and found out a bit more and will include here some notes:

' If your Kindle is shown as D: drive on your computer, the path/folder where your notes are stored will be:

  . The "e0026" at the end of the long folder name is an easy way to find the right folder.
  . Fonts are not anti-aliased to preserve speed.
  . Changing font size changes everything - buttons, labels, help, everything.
  . There is a time/date stamp and you can sort by time or alphabetically.
  . There are lots of other small things:
      Press Home accidentally and a copy is saved with your changes.
      Progress bars for main page and for a note.
      Character count and "Page 1 of 2" for note.
      Backup in the app itself.

There are also some caveats:
  There's a size limit so the app can't be used for reading Gutenberg books.
  For simplicity purposes they had to remove extensions so everything is saved as ".txt" although ".txt" isn't shown.
  There are no folders.
  The focus on speed means they don't use anti-aliased fonts or pretty backgrounds. '

He mentioned there will be Kindle Notepad Help Videos and a Help Page that will include downloadable help files.

UPDATE2 - The Help links were posted on the Kindle forums.

Help videos and Detailed Help

The Help documents include downloadable files in PDF and DOC format that you can keep for reference.  The PDF files work on Kindle, the company says.

 BEAR IN MIND that if you prefer to read the help files in normal Kindle format instead of PDF, you can do that too by emailing the Microsoft DOC format files to [you]@free.kindle.com ... Here's how that's done.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

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  Guide to finding Free Kindle books and Sources.  Top 100 free bestsellers.
UK-Only: recently published non-classics, bestsellers, or highest-rated ones
    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers.


Samsung Galaxy S 4G review|Lastest Kindle News]

Samsung Galaxy S 4G review
It's only been six months since Samsung launched its highly successful Galaxy S assault upon the US market with a series of carrier customized phones: the Vibrant and Captivate GSM twins for T-Mobile and AT&T, the WiMAX-rocking Epic 4G for Sprint and the Fascinate for Verizon. More derivatives arrived later, with the Mesmerize , Continuum , Nexus S , and LTE-equipped Galaxy Indulge . Still the ...
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Nearly 18 Million Media Tablets Shipped in 2010 with Apple Capturing 83% Share|Lastest Kindle News]

Nearly 18 Million Media Tablets Shipped in 2010 with Apple Capturing 83% Share
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker, 10.1 million media tablets were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010 (4Q10) - more than double the 4.5 million shipped in the third quarter.
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Research and Markets: The Best Marketing & Advertising Writing Techniques for Marketing Executives in 2011 – Writing …|Lastest Kindle News]

Research and Markets: The Best Marketing & Advertising Writing Techniques for Marketing Executives in 2011 - Writing ...
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Best Marketing & Advertising Writing Techniques for Marketing Executives in 2011 - Writing Copy for Social Media, Email, Print, Online, Mobile & More " audioconference to their offering.
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Spring dilemmas are my favorite|Lastest Kindle News]

Spring dilemmas are my favorite
Rain and warmer temperatures conspire to make the lawn grow and trees bud. I’m feeling the pressure to decide on locations for my tomato, pepper, cucumber and squash plants as well as an assortment of herbs I’d like to cultivate this year. We’ve been in our new home for a full year now, so we [...]
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Eagle Gala back for another run at funds, fun|Lastest Kindle News]

Eagle Gala back for another run at funds, fun
Raising ,000 to help boost high school sports is definitely something to crow about. And its definitely something Broomfield High School hopes to duplicate March 18 when it holds its second annual Eagle Sports Gala.
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“Have publishers already lost the war over agency pricing?”

Are publishers who raised e-book pricing the past year losing the ebook-pricing war?   I'd like to think so.

 The blog article's subject title is from the headline on the article by Philip Jones at Futurebook.net commenting on the higher-priced e-books not appearing very much in Amazon's topmost besteller lists (UK).

  Actually, he's commenting on The Guardian's article by Sam Jordison on "EU anger over ebook deal suggests hard times ahead for publishers."

  Describing again (1) the circumstances leading to the use of Apple's "Agency Plan" by the Big5 (and now Big6) publishers, which raised e-book prices by 30-50% average, this last year, and (2) the raids by the European Commission on publishing houses in the UK to investigate possible anti-trust violations, seizing not only paperwork but also "smart phones and laptops from senior executives," the Guardian's Jordison sides with the publishers against what he describes as a monopolist Amazon against angelic publishers who are just trying "to get a good deal for everyone."

  They do, however, have the sense to see a valid point in the complaint "The only reality we readers know is that we want to buy the book but can't."

  They continue, nevertheless, "But the fact that customers have a distorted view of how much ebooks should cost is hardly the publishers' fault.  Especially since a new breed of "self-published" authors are starting to sell millions of the things at .99 or less on Amazon – which casts an interesting light on the recent declarations about ebooks outselling paper books."

  Imagine that!  But then, new technology has been a problem through the ages for those wedded to older technology and unwilling to adjust to it.

Futurebook's article
Philip Jones thinks that Sam Jordison is an advocate of publishers setting of bookseller prices "but he is concerned that publishers may lose the battle legally, and that they have already lost the battle in the hearts of the consumers."  

Yes, and Jordison might do a bit more wondering about why that is so, and it's not just about pricing.  It also says a lot about what publishers think of their reading customers.  I've seen publisher statements (and reprinted them) that anyone well-off enough to buy an e-reader can avoid the high book prices.

 In marking books up by almost 50% when new, and also OVER the price of their paper back copies too often, they display a real disdain for e-book customers who are expected to spend almost as much OR MORE on a product that cannot be resold, and in most cases still cannot be lent to anyone.

  This goes against the traditional attitude toward books.  The publishers prohibit, for the most part, lending as is normal with paper books, and prohibit entirely re-selling the books.  Yet they price them higher than paperback books, and often only a few dollars less than a hardcover.  And now they're targeting libraries, with e-books to be disabled after x number of loans.  And the latter is with publishers willing to lend e-books at all to public libraries.  Macmillian and Simon & Schuster won't.  Jones points out:

'... publishers such as Hachette, Harper, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster, should be getting their titles into the Kindle charts, even at higher prices.  But I just checked the hourly Kindle chart, and there are no agency priced books in the top 20.  The highest placed title is David Nicholls' One Day (Hodder/Hachette), which also happens to be the fourth most expensive Kindle Edition in the current top 50.

Furthermore, and this is even more worrying.  The average price of paid-for books in Amazon's Kindle top 50 chart today is £1.79.  It is little wonder Guardian commentators [people commenting on the article] think e-books should cost less than agency publishers are making them available: they do.

Read some of the reviews appended to those self-published titles in the Kindle chart, and we could be forgiven for thinking that price has superceded quality in the minds of Kindle users.  This is not just worrying it is tragic.  Agency publishers have a limited period of time to prove Amazon wrong by getting their titles up the Kindle bestseller chart, before the OFT rules one way or another. The concern must be that by then, the war may already have been lost. '

His numbers are from the Amazon UK Kindle store, but in the U.S. the UK site's Kindle book pricing is not displayed except in the Bestseller listings.

Actually, there ARE e-reader customers who give cost a very high weight in the economy we're in today.  Many are also finding quality writing although they may have to dig deep and wide, but when they find it, word of mouth is a huge factor in online book sales.

  The online community is important for those not wanting to wade through it all, and there is actually a way to find quality writing without depending on large publishing houses and publicity machines, to the extent that some writers discovered by price-conscious readers have been offered contracts by large publishing houses; an important trend now is seen in authors who are hesitating to go with the contracts offered, as it may be more beneficial for them to continue to 'self-publish' because the large publishers have not had a reputation for paying the authors/creators what they are due.

  For the Amazon UK customers' rather raw feelings on all this (and publishers should really pay more attention to what is said), see the Agency pricing thread on their Kindle forums.  It's similar to what is seen on the U.S. forums but UK customers are even more angry about it because the increases by the Big5 publishers have been quite outrageous in the UK where general e-book pricing had been lower than it had been Amazon US's Kindlestore.

BESTSELLER E-BOOK listings for UK and US stores
  Here is the current Bestseller listing (paid and free) for Amazon UK,
  and here's the current Bestseller listing for for Amazon US.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

Check often: Temporarily-free late-listed non-classics or recently published ones
  Guide to finding Free Kindle books and Sources.  Top 100 free bestsellers.
UK-Only: recently published non-classics, bestsellers, or highest-rated ones
    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers.


M-Edge Announces Accessories For Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color|Lastest Kindle News]

M-Edge Announces Accessories For Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color
ODENTON, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--M-Edge Announces Accessories For Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color. Select M-Edge Nook Color products now available at Best Buy stores nationwide.
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