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Special Kindle Illustrated, Commented Editions – Complete Works Collections – UPDATE


  These are sets published this year, and I hear more attention is given to formatting with the newer ones.

  While I have the Complete Works of Shakespeare already, I wanted some of the features mentioned in the product detail.  Using the Shakespeare set as an example, the description is: "The Complete Plays of Shakespeare  (Special Kindle Illustrated and Commented Edition)  All of William Shakespeare's Unabridged Plays AND Yale Critical..."

  The set was "especially created for the Kindle" and is  "commented and fully illustrated," with:

' - Over 12 full color (color enabled device required) illustrations and photographs  [Well, THAT makes no sense, does it.  But the Kindle can deal with color photographs; it just shows them in black and white.  However, your Kindle for PC or for Mac and other Kindle apps can show them in full color] ...
- Over 300 pages of additional biographical and historical materials
- Over 14 critical essays from leading Shakespeare scholars from Yale University on various aspects of Shakespeare's life and literary legacy
- Fully Kindle enabled with fully interactive table of contents, Kindle MasterLink technology, Kindle Text-to-Speech ' (Audiobook) enabled, Kindle Lending Technology enabled

Note that sets of complete works, with illustrations, will be several times larger than a regular Kindle book.  In this case the file for the Kindle book is 6 times larger than the average Kindle book.

Here's the page listing all the Collections available.

These sets are probably, at .99 each or less, something students and families might find worth a look.

UPDATE - I perused my copy more closely. The illustrations I've seen so far have been in in the front and are small although putting your cursor on them and clicking on one zooms it to fill the screen but they're not in high resolution.

  There is also no explanation for these illustrations.   It's as if they're there just for atmosphere.  I don't see why they couldn't explain one was the Globe Theater.  For a set with a very good set of notes in the BACK of the book, the lack of information for the illustrations is pure laziness.

The Table of Contents: As promised, it's interactive, but the essays under "A critical Introduction to Shakespeare" by writers from Yale University, while linked under most circumstances, doesn't work if the would-be link winds up at the top of the page in some font-settings.  The workaround is to lower or raise the font size so it moves off the first line and then you can click on it.

  The essays start at Location 82864. (Good to bookmark it.)  Curiously, just in front of it is another illustration and this one is explained.  And there are others illustrations in the Yales essays section.

Chapters (to give you an idea of whether or not they'll interest you)
1.   An Outline of Shakespeare's Life
2.   English Drama before Shakespeare
3.   The Elizabethan Theater
4.   Elizabethan London
5.   Shakespeare's Nondramatic Works
6.   The Sequence of Shakespeare's plays
7.   Shakespeare's Development as a Dramatist
8.   The Chief Sources of Shakespeare's Plays
9.   How Shakespeare got into print
10. The Plays of the First Period -
      Imitation and Experiment 1587 (?)-1594
11. The Plays of the Second Period - Comedy and History
12. The Plays of the Third Period - Tragedy
13. The Plays of the Fourth Period - Romantic Tragi-Comedy
14. Chapter 14 - Famous Mistakes and Delusions about Shakespeare

Although the Complete WORKS by Shakespeare, via Mobile Reference does not have the voluminous notes/essays, its formatting is easier to read, as they use bold facing and more separation between lines.  They do recommend font size 2 to avoid odd line breaks but you can rotate the Kindle to Landscape to avoid that.  That set is .99 also and is nicely organized but has only a short biography of Shakespeare as an addition.  The sonnets and other poems are included in that set though.

  THIS set of plays uses small italics instead of bold facing (to identify the speaker) and less separation of lines.

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Forrester? or an ignorant column on “demise” of dedicated e-readers ?

Demise of dedicated e-readers

  It was pointed out to me in a comment today that not only will e-readers get ever less-expensive (as most certainly all have expected them to, as pieces of electronics), but we now have another column predicting the Death of dedicated e-reader devices.

  Forrester seems most to blame for the false reasoning used in this most recent wish-for-attention column (and they're getting it) because Forrester sees tablets and e-readers in a contest that e-readers cannot "win."

  Are simpler cars in ongoing contests with multi-featured cars that the simpler cars must "win" or "die"? Will they stop manufacturing sports car models because they are not as easy-to-operate and aren't able to carry families on vacation trips?  Will the sports cars "lose" to the family sedan?  Simplistic black & white thinking carries the day usually.

  I've no patience with wishful thinking based on not understanding different technologies nor reasons why one technology, predicted soon dead by the same experts mentioned last year, proved so popular in the last year during the time that the iPad certainly claimed hearts and minds.  Buyers knew the difference, if not some gadget columnists who think only in terms of 'appearance' (drab, plain, retro) and carry mainly the "cool kid" mentality as we saw for the last year and a half until many of them decided one type of technology actually DID seem "cool" to many hoping to just read books rather than flash around playing games and surfing the web at every chance (I'm one of the latter).

  I'm behind in blogging because I was away, but I will (b)log this one before the others that I've put on a todo-list because obviously there will be much written about the latest research opinions, as happened in 2010 when all predicting the end of e-readers by the end of the year often seemed to hope they were right.

  Inevitably, yes, if/when we can get color screens for dedicated-readers while keeping the relaxing quality of e-Ink effect on eyes that don't want LCD screens for reading novels, inevitably today's e-readers (or even today's tablets) will not be wanted or needed, even if dedicated e-readers are light to carry because they are dedicated to one activity.  Everything in life does change.

  I decided to blog the response I made to a note in the blog's Comment areas, which was a helpful link to the story (because e-readers WILL drop in price as was the comment-writer's focus, which is the good and obvious point of some of the researcher opinions).

  I'm still reviewing the news of an inevitable Amazon Android Tablet (which I initially blogged (August 2010) when a long-time Computerworld columnist reported receiving confirmation from his Amazon sources in August that there WOULD be an Android tablet from Amazon.

  The recent information on the technology involved in an Amazon order for tablets from Quanta Computer (with screen-panel properties licensed by E-Ink Holdings (for fringe field switching -- which is for LCD screens) has been vague and I'll write on that later today.  Since some columnists have interpreted the "2nd half of 2011" as "by the holidays 2011" because of the time to produce, test and stock these, I hadn't jumped on it yet as the news traveled fast on Twitter, Facebook and Kindle forums, where I was involved in discussions.

  Back to the column on latest expert research.  Here's my response (slightly modified for the blog-post) to the Huffington Post article on the 'demise' of the dedicated e-reader and its days "being numbered."   Catchy thought, no?

' Didn't Forrester and assorted columnists predict the end of the Kindle itself by the end of 2010 due to the popularity of the iPad and other tablets?

Also, never in a truly idiotic presentation of the premise for the death of dedicated e-readers does the article mention Forrester speaking to the issue of E-INK (which they may have! and it was columnist idiocy instead that produced the gist re the death of dedicated e-readers).

Or, it may have been Forrester's. The many studies done have been wrong about the popularity of e-reader devices before, when the iPad arrived, asking leading questions in their surveys.

I have [and enjoy] a NookColor and I intend to get the Amazon tablet if it comes, for the color magazine capability and for portable web-browsing but with Amazon features that I hope will be better done in software than is the B&N tablet-reader.

I would *never* give up the e-Ink model for an LCD tablet, for reading books. And there are voluminous notes on forums that say the same thing, by people who own tablets or semi-tablets along with their Kindles or other e-Ink readers.

If years from now they have non-LCD and e-paper-type capabilities for relaxing reading (eye care for many), along with color on a par with vibrant color in LCD tablets, then the dedicated e-reader may not be needed (though they'll always be lighter) -- but not mentioning e-Ink here at all is sheer ignorance when predicting demise of current e-readers due to interest in tablets.  It reminds me of the columnist who idiotically placed a picture of a tombstone at the head of his column last summer with the wording that the Kindle would die and be buried as of 2010 due to the birth of the iPad.  Experts want what they want.

There is a wish there that's just unseemly and speaks to a special kind of extreme love for electronic sleekness over everything else that has to do with their own disliking the "drab" or "retro" *look* of e-ink readers.  Actual functionality is rarely addressed.

But you're right in your own emphasis that e-reader prices will go down.  I thought most people have seen this with ALL electronics.

The FLIP camera? GOD. It has the same end result as a fine in-camera HD movie thing. It's not remotely like e-Ink vs color. '

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Amazon Kindle 3 Walkthrough

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InDesign CS4- Making a Text Frame [4/18]

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Kindle – BuscaPé Vídeos

Kindle ebook:Kindle - BuscaPé Vídeos
O eReader Amazon Kindle é o leitor de livros eletrônicos mais famoso do mundo. Sua tela é feita de E-Ink, tinta eletrônica que o deixa parecendo um livro. Ele possui memória interna de 2GB e saída para fone de ouvido padrão, além de conexão 3G. No final do ano passado Jeff Bezos, CEO da gigante do comércio eletrônico Amazon, anunciou que seu leitor de eBook Kindle seria vendido para fora dos Estados Unidos, incluindo o Brasil. O famoso Kindle enche os olhos à primeira vista. Visual clean, leve, tela agradável aos olhos, livros à distância de um clique com conexão sem fio em quase qualquer lugar do mundo, alto falantes externos, leitura em voz alta de livros, acesso à internet, dicionário integrado, um extenso acervo eo atendimento de uma das mais bem sucedidas empresas domando.


Kindle to be available at Walmart. Is ad-supported Kindle a primary focus?


The Editors of The Kindle Daily Post (national or international editions), which is always clickable at the top right-hand corner of the Kindlestore, announced yesterday (all emphases mine) that "...starting this week, Kindle will be available in over 3,200 Walmart stores nationwide.  Most stores will have a Kindle on display so you can check out all the features before you buy.  Walmart stores will be selling both Kindle 3G and Kindle with Special Offers.

Walmart is the latest in a growing list of retailers offering Kindle, including Target, Best Buy, and Staples, among others."

  Note they mention "both" the "Kindle 3G" and "Kindle with Special Offers."
  But they don't mention a third possibility, the Kindle3 WiFi-Only Without Special Offers

  Is it possible there'll be no 9 WiFi-Only model at Walmart?

  That would be of interest insofar as the Non-Ad WiFi-Only Kindle may be getting less production interest.
  Or, it could be that the Kindle Post mention of 'both' Kindles was unintentional on the editors' part, but that'll be interesting to watch.  The latest Youtube video has emphasized the "from 4" price point.

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How to Digitize a Book

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Best New $0.69 MP3 Songs for your Kindle or other mp3 player

Amazon recently lowered the price of several popular songs to .69, and it happens that these songs are still .29 on iTunes..

Computerworld's Ed Oswald writes, "It's not clear as to whether the price drop was a blessing from the music labels, or if Amazon has decided to take a profit hit in the name of gaining market share.  It's no secret that some music industry execs would like to limit iTunes' clout in digital music, and may have given more favorable terms to competitors.
. . .
  These days, the .29 price point is reserved for special content (the Beatles catalog for example) or best-selling tracks from major artists.  But with Amazon now apparently undercutting iTunes by nearly half, Apple may be forced to answer back.

Some of the songs at 69 cents are, Oswald notes:
  Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way" and "Judas," Taio Cruz's "Dynamite," Cee Lo Green's "Forget You," and The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling."

Check the list of .69 top songs at any time.  There are currently 204 of them.
  Some of them will of course also be found in the "Bestsellers in MP3" page, which has the "Top 100 Paid" songs alongside the "Top 100 Free songs."

Remember that the Kindle has a 'music' folder which allows the playing of mp3's (as background music while reading) over the not-very-loud Kindle speakers or via headphones.  But these mp3's play only in the order they are placed on the Kindle (or randomly on the original 2007 Kindle), although a favorite or two can be put in the 'Audible' folder which allows them to be Selected -- but you can't read a Kindle book while listening when using the Audible folder.

See the earlier mp3's on Kindle section for more information on how the Kindle handles mp3's.

  (The Kindle-edition of this blog can be searched for the words "mp3 files" because the 24 latest blog-articles are kept in each edition.  You can just type "mp3 files" to search the Kindle blog for this when you have it open for reading.

  Also, if you haven't read about the new Cloud Player, you might also want to check out the first blog article on Amazon's new Cloud storage and music-streaming feature, which provides all Amazon customers with 5 free gigs of storage per year.  There is also a bonus upgrade available in most countries, to 20 free gigs total per year if you buy an mp3 album (there are 99 cent albums).  However, that storage-upgrade isn't available in the 27 countries listed in the table at the bottom of that first blog article.

It'll be interesting to see how well Amazon's lower pricing works out.  When I download an mp3, I can opt to put it into the iTunes library.

Reminder: Amazon is offering a gift certificate with a purchase of one 3G Kindle (limited to one per customer) until Mother's Day.

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Kindle DX – Reading a Novel

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Kindle 3 page refresh

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