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The Best NEW Reader for the IPAD! – Reeder Review – AppJudgment

Ipad ebook:The Best NEW Reader for the IPAD! - Reeder Review - AppJudgment
Is this the holy grail for iPad RSS readers? BESOCIAL! Share this video! Get Free App Updates Daily - Subscribe! www.youtube.com AppJudgment Homepage revision3.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook facebook.com Eileen on Twitter twitter.com Graham on Twitter twitter.com ABOUT APPJUDGMENT With hundreds of apps to choose from for your iPhone, Android or whatever smartphone you may have, how do know what's worth the download? AppJudgment is your daily source for mobile phone app reviews and previews!


Adobe’s new Photoshop app for the iPad to be ready next month

While there is no dearth of photo editing app for the iPad, the one photo editing software that so far has not been able to emulate the success in the Apple App Store as it has been off the iPad platform is the Adobe Photoshop. Rather, it is apps of the likes of Photogene and PhotoForge that seem to be more in demand in the Apple App Store than the Photoshop Express.

Now, the reason for the less popularity of the Adobe Photoshop can be attributed to the lack of several of the core image editing capabilities that has otherwise made the Photoshop suite a delight to use elsewhere. However, the good piece of news is, Adobe right now is working on a new Photoshop app that aims to score on many of the areas where the Express version could not. Adobe has in fact shown off the Photoshop app at its Photoshop world symposium and the software did look impressive, to say the least.

So what make the new Photoshop app so exciting? To begin with, the app will now boast of most of the capabilities that has made Adobe Photoshop so popular in the desktop version. This includes the ability to add and manipulate layers so that the user will now have an idea of the things that is going on behind the scenes with the photos. One thing that developers had to work on with the new Photoshop app is to enable it to work in an environment sans a mouse like pointing device. As a result, there is a new layering system in place that would allow users to switch between layers by suitable ‘taps’ on the iPad display.

The Photoshop app right now is under development but should be ready for downloading by next month itself. However, there is no information as to what the app would cost when its ready.

via slashgear

Live demo video of the Photoshop app available at photographybay

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iPad 2 hits UK stores|Lastest Ipad News]

iPad 2 hits UK stores
The eagerly anticipated iPad 2 has gone on sale in the UK as huge crowds gathered at Apple shops.
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Key iOS developer sees iPad tablet competition on the horizon|Lastest Ipad News]

Key iOS developer sees iPad tablet competition on the horizon
Apple created the tablet market, but iOS developer Raven Zachary says the growth opportunity for other companies is huge.
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Study of iPad users identifies obstacles for The Daily


From the press release by media research firm knowDigital:

To attract a large number of users and generate substantial subscription revenue, The Daily – the news-based application released by News Corporation in February exclusively for Apple’s iPad™ platform – will need to overcome a few obstacles with iPad owners who consume news online. These obstacles include the perception among those with the greatest interest in news that The Daily’s content is lacking, that superior content is available elsewhere online for free and the expectation that apps are purchased through one-time transactions, as opposed to the recurring subscription model The Daily employs. Identifying these obstacles comprises the major finding of research on The Daily released today by knowDigital, which funded and independently completed the study. A report detailing this and other key findings is now available for free download [PDF] from the company’s website.

“Our research finds that iPad users feel positively about what News Corporation has set out to accomplish with The Daily,” said knowDigital President Sam Milkman, who authored the report. “However, for News Corporation to convert those positive impressions into regular use and paid subscriptions from iPad users, it is going to have to address a number of concerns raised in our study.”

knowDigital completed the study, “Real iPad Users’ Early Reaction to The Daily,” with 25- to 54-year-old iPad owners who consumed electronic news multiple times each week. These consumers participated in one-on-one, 30-minute interviews with knowDigital personnel following two weeks of regular usage of The Daily.

The study revealed how consumers generally fell into two camps—one consisting of tech-savvy, heavy news users and one consisting of those who are less tech-savvy and have lower interest in gathering news content. It is with this second group that The Daily performed better, as the heavy news users in the first group—while appreciating the technical features of The Daily—dismissed much of the app’s content, expressing the nearly universal perception that more compelling and in-depth news content is available elsewhere online for no charge. iPad users in both camps were generally unwilling to commit to purchasing subscriptions to The Daily for a number of reasons, including some based on their specific perceptions of The Daily and some based on the idea of paying for an app on a recurring charge basis.


Epic proportions.wmv

Free ebooks:Epic proportions.wmv
In July 2009, electrical engineer Hong Tang and his team at Yale University in the USA demonstrated that, on silicon chip- and transistor- scales, light can attract and repel itself like electric charges/magnets (this is the "optical force", a phenomenon that theorists first predicted in 2005 {I find this "time delay" rather confusing since James Clerk Maxwell showed that light is an electromagnetic disturbance approx. 140 years ago}). In the event of the universe having an underlying electronic foundation (I've written a detailed essay showing how these paragraphs are consistent with the plausible nature of the universe -- a version can be freely downloaded at www.free-ebooks.net it would be composed of "silicon chip- and transistor- scales" and the Optical Force would not be restricted to microscopic scales but could operate universally. Tang proposes that the optical force could be exploited in telecommunications. For example, switches based on the optical force could be used to speed up the routing of light signals in fibre-optic cables, and optical oscillators could improve cell phone signal processing. There are more possibilities listed here eg instant travel to any point in time or the universe, Star Trek-like teleportation, cosmic unification, eternal health for everyone who ever lived, and unification with God.


Text Writer for iPad and iPhone free until April 2

Text Writer1

This .99 text editor is free through April 2.

According to 9to5 Mac:

It’s got auto-save so you don’t have to worry about losing your document while multitasking, it supports in-app email and puts useful new virtual keyboard controls at your fingertips.

Think the arrow keys for precise cursor positioning and convenient cut, copy and paste buttons. Oh, the Home and End buttons as well. The souped up keyboard works as advertised and I’ve found it incredibly useful.

Thanks to BookofJoe for the link.


News Briefs|Lastest Free Ebooks News]

News Briefs
Mayor swears in new police officers The Jacksonville Police Department held a swearing-in ceremony Friday afternoon for three newly hired police officers. Mayor Gary Fletcher swore in new officers Marvin Kelley, Benjamin Pace and Shannon Sansom. The three officers are scheduled to leave Sunday for training at the Arkansas Law Enforcement Academy in Camden.
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Movie 5 – Patagonia – part 1 (subtitles)

Kindle ebook:Movie 5 - Patagonia - part 1 (subtitles)
Movie no 5 take you along the Chilean Channels from Ushuaia - the most southern city in the world - to Puerto Montt. Yaghan meets the worst storm ever gusting 100 knots. See also website: www.yaghan.com. Book published in May 2010. Title: "Back at the helm". Can be purchased at www.amazon.com (also available as Kindle ebook). A second book " In the wake of Cook " will be published as Kindle book in May 2011.


iPad 2 International Sales Start is a Pre-Order Launch at Best|Lastest Ipad News]

iPad 2 International Sales Start is a Pre-Order Launch at Best
Apple is launching the iPad 2 sales in 25 more markets today. At 1am (2am in Germany) the online sale of the iPad 2 began. I guess tons of Apple fans that got up at 2am or stayed up until then were...
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